"We’re Hooligans and we’ve never had a business plan.
We know what one is...just never wrote it. We were too busy playing free style Americana, blues, folk, reggae, rock and roll and spacey imrovisational music in the Rockies for the last twenty something years at honky tonks, mountain top hippie weddings, redneck saloons, lefty fundraisers, festivals, memorial services, ski hills, Yellowstone Park Lodges, 40th birthday parties, 50th birthday parties… you get the picture.

It’s always been a great band and we and lots of others loved it all along but with one guy making fretboards for Gibson Guitars, another running the free form radio station KGLT, another producing festivals and hundreds of concerts in the Northern Rockies, a couple of fine music teachers/artists/gifted musicians and a mandolin player that plays with a dozen bands it’s always been music for the sake of the song-

no particular place to go….
Except for lots of kids, funerals, wives, dogs, meals, marriages, divorces, powder days, sunsets, friends lost and paradise found.
We’ve done all this based in Montana.
Rich Robiscoe (bass guitars) Ron Craighead (drums, vocals),
Tom Garnsey (electric and acoustic guitars/vocals), Bob Britten
(electric guitars/vocals), Betsy Wise (acoustic guitar/vocals), Tom Murphy (mandolin/vocals), Billy Payne on vocals, piano, organ, various synthesizers and all around savant."

Bill Payne: the guy who co-founded Little Feat with Lowell George. And recorded and toured with James Taylor, The Doobie Brothers, Bob Seger, Bonnie Raitt, Pink Floyd, Jackson Browne, Paul Simon and about 200 other great bands.
Bill came in the room and kicked our lazy asses into a higher gear than we’ve ever had to imagine and became a friend to all of us.